Trauma-Focused Somatic Therapy

Individuals, Couples, Children/Adolescents & Families

Are you or someone you love…

Feeling numb?

Shut down?

Reactive & constantly on-edge?

You're In The Right Place

I am deeply committed to supporting first responders, healthcare workers/fellow healers, and others (children & adults) impacted by trauma and complex stress.

Do you sometimes wonder where your spark has gone?

Do you work in a high-stress work environment that sometimes “follows” you home?

Are you worried about your teen’s mental health?

Are you are the type of person who is always in control?


Do you want to be more present & engaged in your family life?


Have you developed unhealthy strategies for managing past or present stress or traumatic experiences?


Are you worried about your relationships?

Individual, Couples & Family Therapy

Therapy sessions are tailored to individual needs and take place in a safe, confidential setting. Sessions aim for increased awareness of the stored, unaddressed experiences and traumas that are keeping you stuck in the patterns of reactivity. Using a holistic, experiential process creates opportunities to release mental, physical and emotional pain that has been stored in the body and blocked, or managed, by the mind.

Together we will uncover developed strategies that are no longer serving you and negatively impacting the quality of life and relationships you want to have. You will let go and connect more deeply to yourself – your body, your truth, your vision, and your joy – and ignite a newfound sense of release and freedom.

Trauma-Focused & Somatic Integration Expertise

Two decades of clinical experience working with youth, adults & systems impacted by complex trauma.

Clinical approach that integrates neuroscience and experiential practices focused on exploring and releasing the body’s somatic responses to stored stress and trauma.

Equine Gestalt Coaching & Facilitation

Deepen your experience by partnering with an equine healer.

Gestalt & Humanistic Psychotherapy

Client-centered, focused on being present in the here-and-now, and helping become responsive rather than reactive to the world.

Rooted in the premise that increasing awareness is critical to mind-body health.

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