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Proven Experience Promoting Healing & Developing Leaders

Monica speaks at conferences, executive retreats, wellness events, corporate and non-profit settings, and educational institutions on topics that impact a diverse audience, including individuals, couples, employees and leaders. She is also available as a guest on podcasts.

Energetic keynote presentations are designed for audiences of all types, distilled from 20 years’ experience working with people, leaders, organizations & systems impacted by complex stress and trauma.









Sample of Topics


  • Be Scared and Do It Anyways! – Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Shifting Mindset & Growing Through Change
  • Human-Centered Coaching – Expanding Motivation and Potential by Nourishing Relationship
  • Trauma & Our Greatest Protector – How the Brain Keeps Us Safe, But Stuck
  • Somatic Integration: Getting Out of Our Heads and Back into Our Bodies
  • Healing from Perfectionism When It “Works” So Well – Exploring the Link Between Early Trauma, High-Achievement & Burnout
  • From Friction to Fire! – Attachment, Communication & Intimacy
  • The Third Wheel: How Temperament Plays an Active Role in Relationships
  • Creating Trauma-Informed Systems & Healthy Workplace Culture
  • Exploring the Neurobiology of Trauma and Complex Stress
  • And More!

Monica creates a presentation structure that is tailored to the specific learning and engagement objectives of your audience.

Each topic can be:

  • A 45- to 90-minute keynote
  • Expanded into a half or full-day breakout workshop or training session (which can include one-on-one coaching)
  • Follow-up coaching &/or webinars
  • Presented onstage/in-person or virtually
  • Include moderation of a panel, fishbowl discussion, and/or engagement with a single individual interview.

Presentation Options

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