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Our Premise

When You Do People Well, Results Will Follow

How We Can Help

We are skilled coaches, consultants, and clinicians who understand the psychology of human behavior, motivation, & change.  

Whether you come from a small social service non-profit, a large private corporation, or an innovative start-up, we are driven by collective impact and passionate about helping you overcome barriers and achieve your personal and professional mission.

Gadda Hendrix Consulting, LLC is a woman-owned and operated business, rooted in Northern California since 2017.

Our Values & Committments


“an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength”

What We Believe

Human and system dynamics are the critical conditions to all personal and professional success. When you evolve organizations into communities, engagement & loyalty skyrocket. Fostering client, employee, & customer wellbeing leads to better outcomes & healthier systems at large. People are nourished by relationship, which is a skill that can be fine-tuned in leaders and companies.


Innovate & evolve. Fluid decision making. Ability to pivot. Remaining agile in ever-changing business world. Adopting a continuous learning/CQI/CPI approach.


Committment to reflective, respectful practices rooted in human connection. 


Supporting environments and practices of humility, vulnerability, and growth-mindsets. Taking off the mask of perfection and opening up to help and feedback leads to safety, trust, loyalty, and connection to shared vision & mission. 


Engaging in transparent communication and practices. Mentoring/coaching versus management. Creating cultures of recognition & collaboration vs. competition. Valuing interdependence over control, relationships over hierarchies, and wellbeing over productivity.

Connect, Innovate & Evolve

What We Do

With over 40 years of combined direct clinical, executive leadership & consulting experience, we can offer targeted expertise for companies, leaders and non-profit organizations in all sectors. 

We engage your people power and the synergy between individual performance and the shared culture high-performance can inspire. 

We identify the unseen culture deficits that are likely impacting systemic functioning, innovation and success.

We nourish systemic change, targeting sustainable strategies for future growth and mission impact. 

Let us help you achieve & expand your mission

Our Services

“I knew there was a problem in our organization, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was, or how to solve it.”

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A Team Of Professionals

Monica Hendrix, BS, MA, LMFT & Equine Gestaltist

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Owner


20+ years of executive leadership, management, consulting, speaking, clinical & coaching experience.

Jamila McCallum, BA, BS, MBA

Vice President of Nonprofit Business Consulting & Strategy


20+ years of nonprofit health and human services program and operations experience.

Shawn Brown, MA, LMFT



20+ years of clinical & coaching experience. 

Annmarie Huppert

Consultant & Grant Specialist


25+ years of leadership, consulting, speaking, technical writing & coaching experience.

Melanie Boyer

Exec. Admin, Marketing & PR


15+ years of experience in global communications, corporate events, & leading strategic and results-driven campaigns.

Prouldly Supporting Private & Non-Profit Organizations since 2017


Our Impact

We love what we do!

$M Grants & Proposals Awarded

Organizations Supported

Combined Years Of Experience

Individual Clients Served

Success Stories

“I have utilized Monica’s services for executive coaching, leadership development & strategic planning for several years. When she facilitates, I can be in the room with my team creating, brainstorming, and learning. She led us in a recent strategy retreat where we spent four days re-organizing our entire operations, and I could not have been so hands-on if I had to facilitate this event myself.”

Susan Fette

CEO, TLC Child & Family Services

“Monica is one of the most invaluable consultants our agency has ever used for strategic consulting.  She is incredibly insightful and quick, as well as an extreme joy to work with; hence, I looked forward to our regular meetings and even wished we could hire her into our company! She is able to keep the big picture thinking and solution-oriented thinking in the same space, making our strategic planning seamless. She was extremely fast to understand our needs, agency and county nuances, and goals. She helped us conceptualize our strategy, and used her expert project management skills to keep us on track with next steps. Further, she was willing to jump in and provide hands-on support in areas we had limited resources, such as designing program materials and leading strategic calls with potential partners.  Further, she gently pushed us to think outside of the box to develop innovative ideas, borne out of the fact that she made it safe to bounce ideas off of her. Monica is someone I will use for years to come as a consultant, as her professionalism, strategic and business acumen, and thought leadership were beyond comparison.”

Kristine Santoro

Chief Health and Innovation Officer, Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, CA

“In sports or in our work life, coaching is hard to get right.  Good coaches will listen, ask relevant questions, and determine what makes an individual or team click to get the most out of them or guide them.  These qualities are developed through years of experience.  Shawn Brown has honed these skills to help business professionals grow their careers or improve their personal mindset to achieve their goals.  You will walk out of a room feeling confident that you can achieve anything given Shawn’s easy approach and framework.”

Robert Della Santina

Co-Founder & COO , Confidence Systems

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